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Jul 10, 2011 9:30am EDT
to sean o'keefe, the former nasa administrator who now heads eads. the company has big u.s. military contracts and plans to make those an even bigger percentage of the parent company's total revenue. thank you for joining us. you are a former secretary of the navy and former nasa administrator. you said to callou sean. i will go with mr. secretary. what a year you have had. you survive a tragic plane crash that took the lives of a beloved former mentor. your son survived. you survived. he also survived losing a big contract to boeing. eads is now setting new records for contracts. we want to talk about all of that. l's start with the final launch of the space shuttle atlantis. what are your thoughts? can the public sector takeover? >> this is been a remarkable event. it has a 30-year history of successful launches along with triumph and tragedy that goes along with the exploration agenda. it built the international space station. it could not have been built in assembled without the space shuttle. it was launched and successfully repaired several occasions. the hubble telescope gives
Jul 3, 2011 9:30am EDT
for joining us. we appreciate you spending part of your holiday weekend with us. big business for retailers and restaurants that no halt to help you celebrate summmmer. coming up later in the show, pamela sorensen is here to talk about other places of making a buzz are right now in washington and jonathan allen from "politico." first, the business of the year and good food. if you have lived in washington for a long time, it is hard to believe that d.c. is one of the most exciting restaurants cities on the east coast. one restaurant is gting a lot of attention in chinatown. two others -- brandon skall of d.c. brau brewery and bill butcher of port city brewing in alexandria. you do not just play a chef on tv. tell us about your background. >> i have been cooking my whole life. i traveled around the east coast with some of the top chef in the country. i am working as an executive chef and that just opened my own place. >> looking at your biography in philadelphia and here, you build up your resonate wh many different kinds of cuisine. what made you decide to go back granma's food? >> i start
Jul 24, 2011 9:30am EDT
. that is something in big demand the desert -- these days. last year, we started a barbecue division, has what we have today. >> as a girl from oklahoma, that looks and smells like a barbecue. i will not pick up and eat like at the last time we had you on but talk to us about some of the trends you are pursuing because it is not cheap to go green. why is that working? it costs more. >> look at the building industry. the buildings are being retrofitted green. people are choosing to downsize or upgrade or move into green billings. >> are your clients specifically asking you? and they are definitely looking for it. they are willing to pay more for it. there is a cost associated with it. the certification costs to implement procedures and equipment at our facility. >> you think there is some business you are getting that you would not otherwise? >> without a doubt. >> the other thing you have been talking to me about is your emphasis on going local. talk to me about the spread here and what that represents. >> basically, we are working with local farmers year round. we're at the peak of the season. t
Jul 17, 2011 9:30am EDT
to be just as proroactive and get ahead of them. >> he took a big chance and made it succeed. so far, it is succeeding. thank you for joining us. and stay with us. in our next round table, we will talk about the local employment outlook and how the face-off over federal borrowing could it affect our region. stay tuned. >> welcome back. the state of maryland got good news last week. the triple a rating will come in handy onon friday. that is when the state stores selling bon. the washington busisiness journal reports the bond rating is due to its strong economy, low unemployment, along with strong management of finances and debt. since the u.s. bond rating has been down all week. we're going to turn to our round table and welcome once again our farite professor peter morici from the university of maryland school of business, and bill flook from "washingtoton business journal." living social is gearing up for an ipo. so they are not talking. >> the initial public offerings are about to open. what we are looking at in the story is essentially the 20-year cycle. you look back at aol. now
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4